I’m a Capitalist! There is no other moral than the moral of freedom. Objectivism and Capitalism ensures total freedom for the individual.

On this blog I’ll post articles about and around Objectivism and Capitalism and related articles. Feel free to comment and discuss them. I will not use censorship on any comment that has an other point of view. I do how ever expect a certain level of seriousness of your comments! I will delete trolling, unserious contributions and comments without any context to the subject what so ever! This is not censorship but an act of keeping an ordered debate! Don’t like it… well, well…

As a person I’m a “hopeless romantic”. Objectivism is my core value in a relationship, any relationship, hence also in a loving relationship. Together with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle as described in “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” I find that my relation to relationship is profoundly become easier and more enjoyable, not only for me but actually more for my partner. How can that be; a selfish person living in the now actually being good to the “partner”?

Read on and I’ll explain how Objectivism (Capitalism) and romance actually are connected! Funny how things relate sometimes…

Sometimes it just might happen that I write something in either Norwegian or Finnish. Bare with me 😉


Warm regards,
Trond H. Trosdahl

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