Power of false allegations

Posted on July 2, 2011


Strauss-Kahn is the latest victim of this crime! A moral crime that attacks personal credibility and a crime able to ruin innocent lives far more than any other crime except murder!

This is the letter or resignation from Strauss-Kahn after he got met with the allegations of sexual assaults against his maid. Allegations that during the process now has proved to be false. This is then a forced letter of resignation without any value what so ever!

The crime in its self isn’t that the maid proclaim that he has done anything. The crime is ours! It is us that, especially trough media, pass a verdict long before any legal conclusions has been made condemning a person immediately after such allegations “throwing them to the wolfs” as it is said.

It is hard to be objective in sexual crimes! It is however crucial that a society and especially media has the ability to actually be impartial. Today we are not!

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