We, the morally deprived!

Posted on April 15, 2011


The mantra on the leftist side of politics is to claim that everything is done to help the poor people. This is a poorly covered up lie! I don’t criticise the thoughts of those who have made these regulations nor those who support them today. They really believe that these measures are good for the poor people. Their intentions are noble, but the means are faulty. They are only protecting the “middle class”. The ones that already have enough but still somehow nothing to give away!

Western politics are built up of protectionism. We protect our agriculture and industry by introducing tolls and tariffs and we protect our work force by introducing minimum wages and by making laws preventing companies to hire cheaper labour. These protectionistic measures have been inflicted with the notion of raising the living standard and life standard in general of the poor people.

These measures protects only the ones that has more from before. They don’t help the poor people of our community. On the contrary it keeps them poor and immobilised and often psychologically deprived.

Normally a person would like to  work and feel productive and engaged in his or her life. To have a purpose. No matter what that purpose might be no matter skill level and/or your physical capabilities! This is impossible today. If you are not able to produce over the limit of minimum wage you won’t get a job. No matter how hard you try! No one is willing to hire you. That is the grim truth about minimum wage: it prevents the lowest productive people to enter the work market and forces them to a life as a social client. Minimum wage is only a protection for those who already are productive and not a measure for the poor people.

If you are concerned by the welfare of the poorest people you would support the removal of minimum wages!

Our industries and agriculture are protected by tolls and tariffs. In addition to heightened transportation costs goods and services from other countries are artificially kept higher than the national supply of the same goods and services. For the poorest countries in the world this means a total exclusion from our markets and potential income. These countries also happens to be the worlds social clients with a population that in various degree rely on humanitarian donations and charity. In most cases these are however short termed and has no “final destination” or goal. This is a fact even socialists don’t manage to disagree against: tolls and tariffs are discriminating and a needed evil to protect ourselves from competition.

If you however are concerned about the welfare of the poorest people you would support the removal of tolls and tariffs!

I ask of you to review you thoughts and be honest to yourself. Why are you pro these regulations? Is it your own selfishness? Are you scared to lose in this competition? It’s only natural to be scared, but if you knowingly support these evils then you are morally deprived! You are gaining something for yourself on the expense of someone else!

In Capitalism you can only gain by free, mutual and voluntary trade and done by this you should be able to gain as much as your own greed will make you! Be selfish, but be it so that you don’t gain on someone else expense!

We don’t have to fight against selfishness. Selfishness is a virtue as long as it is done in the true sense of Capitalism! As soon as you inflict force upon someone to make gains for yourself, as we do with minimum wages and toll tariffs, then you are morally depriving yourself. That is the society we live in today and that is what we teach our children to believe in. Unfortunately!

Be selfish and live well!


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