Are you really responsible?

Posted on April 2, 2011


In this post I’ll say something about personal responsibility and the lack of it in today’s society. We live in a society that in a larger and larger degree demands that the social structure make our lives “easier”. We are bred by the structure that our failures goes rewarded and our successes are punished. This is corroding our society and the only “remedy” known to people is: more punishment!

I have never accepted this way of living and I never will! I will give here a clear example comparing a normal worker to an entrepreneur and their “rights” in society. This is only one example. The examples are many and I might write about some other later. (figures taken from the Finnish legislation of labour laws)

The worker

The worker today pays of his salary 4,7% to his own pension fund. The total regulated by law is 22,5% meaning that 17,8% is covered by the employer.

The worker has laws regulating amount of hours worked per week.

The worker has tariffs regulating minimum wages.

The worker has laws regulating how much holiday he or she can demand.

The employer both calculates, report and pay the workers taxes. The worker works and get paid without any practical involvement.

The worker can call in sick.

The worker is morally perfect.

The worker is weak and exploitable.

The entrepreneur

The entrepreneur pays of his income 21,6% to his own pension fund, in addition he or she has to pay 17,8% for every employee employed to his or hers pension fund!

The entrepreneur has no limits to how much he or she has to work, but cannot ask the same from his or hers employees!

The entrepreneur has NO minimum wage but is forced to pay minimum wages and is morally disobedient if amount of income exceeds a fictional limit set by the society!

The entrepreneur has NO rights to holiday but is forced to give holiday!

The entrepreneur is punished by higher taxes if he succeeds!

The entrepreneur handles his/hers own taxes and balance of income to his or hers life situation!

The entrepreneur can’t be sick but is forced to pay a sick employee in addition to replace them temporarily!

The entrepreneur has no moral according to society!

The entrepreneur is a sadist with only one goal: dominating and exploitation of the weak!

The moral

If you have NO or LOW responsibility over your own life you can let others pay for it! If you however decide to create your own wealth are you not only forced to pay for our own life but also for the life of many others. This is a straight example of how responsibility over own life has been transferred. I leave it up to you to judge the justification and the moral rightness behind this!

Some figures to help you along

According to the Finnish bureau of statistics (2010) there are 320 682 companies registered in Finland. In these companies there are about 1,8 million people employed out of a labour force of about 2,4 million. Roughly 625 000 people are employed in public services and administration.

Said in another way: There are about 320 000 people who have to create so much value that a population of 5,4 mill. people (2010 fig. Wikipedia 2011) are able to live on it!

I ask of you to think again the next time you criticise the source of your job! Your life source! The life source of your nation and children and elderly! It is about time we all take more responsibility in our lives! It is about time YOU take more responsibility for your life! It’s easy, but you need to start to understand that the path is not of the socialistic kind. It is the path of Laissez-Fair Capitalism! It is not the path of more regulation but the path of less and no regulations!

I end this post with some words from Milton Friedman on a similar theme. Enjoy!

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