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Easter 2011, stage 1… Check!

April 21, 2011


This Easter I’m celebrating with my best friends eating roasted Lamb, Ratatouille and creamed gratinated potatoes. Today I laid down stage one; Preparing the Ratatouille: After two hours in the oven it’s finally ready to set aside for tomorrow. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks! The recipe is Keller’s recipe as from the […]

We, the morally deprived!

April 15, 2011


The mantra on the leftist side of politics is to claim that everything is done to help the poor people. This is a poorly covered up lie! I don’t criticise the thoughts of those who have made these regulations nor those who support them today. They really believe that these measures are good for the […]

Niqab, the new French … !?!

April 11, 2011


It’s a sad day today when France has put into action their new law against wearing Niqāb (face covering veil) in public. Thanks to Kenza Drider and her friends we yet again get an example on how people are forced to fight for their basic rights of personal freedom. Today they got arrested for wearing […]

Super home made bread!

April 6, 2011


I stumbled over this link about No-Kneed bread that really looks good. I’m running to the kitchen as I write to try this one out. This method eliminates the two problems I’ve always experienced baking bread: Bad crust being to hard, dry and often a bit burned and “hard bread” without air bubbles and often […]

Are you really responsible?

April 2, 2011


In this post I’ll say something about personal responsibility and the lack of it in today’s society. We live in a society that in a larger and larger degree demands that the social structure make our lives “easier”. We are bred by the structure that our failures goes rewarded and our successes are punished. This […]

40 ways to happiness!

April 1, 2011


I have to thank one dear friend for this link. Thanks Johanna! The link is to tiny buddha and her 40 ways of letting go and feeling less pain. Enjoy! Best regards, Trond PS: Bullet point 17 can easily be substituted for imaginary tennis balls. The fine thing with imaginary tennis balls is that they […]